Students’ Participation and Achievements

Literature Seminar

On 21 August 2021, 5 groups of students from 3.16 Habakkuk, 4.09 Elijah, and 4.11 Stephen presented their Literary Research during the Literature Seminar. Organised by the Gifted Education Branch (GEB) of MOE, this programme aims to stimulate students’ interest in Literature by exposing them to literary issues beyond our normal curriculum and classroom content. This experience also presented them with the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the literary discipline. The English Language and Literature Department is proud of all the teams for their sterling efforts!

To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!


“The seminar was a great experience as we were able to learn much from the experts and also used the chance to analyse more interesting and complex mediums that would otherwise not be possible during curriculum time.”

(Jonathan Yeoh, Thura Zaw, Abhishek Routray, 4.09 Elijah; Mentor: Ms Goretti Pereira)

“The Literature Seminar was an enriching and insightful experience. We are grateful to the school and MOE for giving us this opportunity to interact and learn from so many talented individuals and explore our own interest in the subject.”

(Quek Teck Yong, John Lagman, 4.11 Stephen; Mentor: Mrs Andriany Tee)

“The Literature Seminar was a great learning experience as we had the opportunity to listen to sessions conducted by writers and academics as well as receive feedback from them on our presentations. The interesting student research presentations were deeply thought-provoking and gave us further insights about Literature.”

(Isaac Chow, Jordan Tan, Tilak Manu, Benjamin Lee, Garrison Joshua, 3.16 Habakkuk; Mentor: Mr Shawn Lim)

“The 2021 Literature Seminar was a fruitful and interesting experience. Overall, we learnt a lot about Literature and gained a further appreciation for the subject over the course of the seminar.”

(Gareth Tham, Raynen Ngoh, Kieran Ong, Zachary Khoo, 3.16 Habakkuk; Mentors: Mr Ferdinand Quek & Mr Aloysius Lim)

“Through the Literature Seminar, we were able to expand our knowledge on Literature through exploring its different forms, from books, plays, short stories, to movies. Overall, we were able to learn a lot from the experts and had an enjoyable time.”

(Elijah Ling, Ethan Chng, David Wong, Samuel Robson, 3.16 Habakkuk; Mentor: Mrs Andriany Tee)

Year 3 Individual Oral Presentation: Digital Story-telling

The Individual Oral Presentation (IOP) was an assignment given to the 2020 Year 3 cohort of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in July. This project consisted of a 100-150 word poem and an accompanying video of 2-3 minutes. We are proud to say that after weeks of sleepless nights, battling the crutches of an eager Hypnos, some of our students blew our socks (but not our masks!) off. Their creative pieces were displayed in Clementi Public Library, as well as Jurong West Public Library. Below, you will find pictures of the exhibitions, as well as two videos by Bryan Cheung Jia Jie (3.11 Elisha) and Ryan Daniel Chua (3.14 Obadiah). We hope you enjoy.

Introduction written by: John Lagman and Bryan Sim (3.11 Elisha 2020)


The Black Student – Bryan Cheung Jia Jie (3.11 Elisha)

Joseph’s Dreams – Ryan Daniel Chua (3.14 Obadiah)