Hi F(IV)E Programme

The core purpose of Hi F(IV)E Programme is to prepare Year 4 IP students for the IBDP and life beyond the IBDP. It leverages the gap period which IP students have before they embark on their IBDP and aims to support students to develop life skills, explore educational options and experience work situations.

As part of this programme, students will participate in various personal development modules and opt to participate in work attachments with voluntary organizations, government agencies or businesses and industries.

Overall Learning Objectives: 

  1. To equip students with knowledge, skills and learning experiences to prepare them for the IBDP
  2. To provide students opportunities to explore choices in terms of work, life and learning beyond the IBDP
  3. To enhance students’ self-management skills and resilience with a focus on Wellbeing
  4. To provide students opportunities to be attuned to the needs of the community and give back using their expertise and talents


The Hi F(IV)E Programme includes Core Modules which aim to prepare the students for life in and beyond the IBDP as well as Elective Modules which provide a range of options for students from Service Learning, Work Attachments, Cultural Immersion to other self-development modules.

The Core Modules

The core modules are organized over 2 weeks from end of October till early of November. Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of each module and students are expected to attend them.  The core modules are broadly categorized as:

Modules A: Preparation for IB Years

Modules B: Preparation for Life beyond IB Years

The Elective Modules

The elective modules organized to take place from Middle of Nov till Middle of January of the next year. Students are free to source for their own work attachment/internship opportunities and for learning a new skill. At the end of each elective, students are expected to submit reflections on their experience and learning. The elective modules are broadly categorized as:

Modules C: Service Learning

Modules D: Work Attachment

Modules E: Cultural Immersion

Modules F: Others