Art & Design – Years 1 & 2 Art

  • Art helps us to see in new ways (critically discern and process visual information).
  • Art tells stories about our world (sense of identity, culture and place in society).
  •  Art influences how we live (expands imagination and creativity).
  • What is the product & who are the target audience?
  • How should I develop and conceptualize my design?
  • How can I apply what I have learnt about Elements of Art and Principles of Design to my work?
  • Does my design achieve the intended effect?
Learning Outcomes & 21 CC
Perceive Communicate Appreciate Civic Literacy, Global Awareness & Cross-Cultural Skills Critical & Inventive Thinking Communication, Collaboration & Information Skills
LO1  Identify qualities in and interpret what they see and experience LO4  Express experiences and ideas in art making


LO6  Reflect and share views on their own and others’ art making


CGC 1  Aware of community and national issues and plays a part to improve the community and nation CIT 1  Explores possibilities and generates ideas CCI 1  Communicates and collaborates effectively
LO2  Record and present their observations using different ways LO5  Experiment with different materials, tools, and media to create new visual possibilities LO7  Relate to examples of Singapore and international art and their ideas and processes CGC 2  Aware of global issues and trends CIT 2  Exercises sound reasoning, decision-making and metacognition CCI 2  Manages, creates and shares digital information thoughtfully, ethically and responsibly
LO3  Generate questions and ideas from visuals LO8  Work with others to make art, present art, and solve visual and other problems CGC 3  Displays socio-cultural and religious sensitivity and awareness CIT 3  Manages complexities and ambiguities

Performance Task / Evidence of Learning: 


  • Understand and appreciate 2D and 3D designs.
  • Explore art materials and techniques to create 2D and 3D designs.
  • Infuse inquiry-based learning to generate and synthesize ideas based on a given task.
  • Learn to work in pairs to solve a design problem.