Syllabus & Assessment

All MEP students (Express and IP) are required to sit for the GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Music Examination. The components along with their assessment, weightage, and a brief description are given below.

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 GCE O Level Music

Music Studies


Written Examination (1.5h) (75m) This paper tests candidates’ aural perception skills and their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of genres through recorded extracts. The genres include Western Classical music, Pop, Jazz, and Asian Music traditions.




Performing Exam (40m)


Reflection Notes (10m)


This component tests candidates’ technical competence and interpretative understanding through a performance of their own choice of music. All candidates are required to perform 2 contrasting pieces.

Option 1
Two contrasting pieces on one solo instrument or voice from any style/tradition.

Option 2
One piece or movement on one solo instrument or voice from any style/tradition


One of the following from any style/tradition:
– A piece on a second instrument
– Ensemble (on the first/second instrument)
– Accompaniment (on the first/second instrument)

Music Writing


Coursework (40m)


Reflection notes (10m)

This component tests candidates’ ability to create music through responding to musical, text, or contextual stimuli. All work will be supervised and completed during curriculum time, with candidates given up to 5h of supervision.

Download the full syllabus for Music here.

 GCE O Level Higher Music Syllabus & Assessment

ACS (Independent) MEP students are required to take Higher Music, which comprises an additional study in Performing.

This component tests candidates’ interpretative and musical understanding through a performance of their own choice of music and a viva voce.

  • The performance must consist of 2 contrasting pieces, with performing time between 8 to 12 minutes.
  • At least one of the pieces must be an ensemble work.

Download the full syllabus for Higher Music here.