IBDP Higher Level (HL) Music

Overview The Diploma Programme music course provides an appropriate foundation for further study in music at university level or in music career pathways. It also provides an enriching and valuable course of study for students who may pursue other careers. This course also provides all students with the opportunity to engage in the world of music as lifelong participants. The course includes both internal and external assessments and the components that music students are required to study include musical analysis and perception, performance and composition (more details can be found under the syllabus outline).

At ACS (Independent), the IBDP HL Music course falls under the Ministry of Education’s Music Elective Programme (MEP) so students will benefit from the MEP as well. Read more about MEP here.
Aims Through these components, the course aims for students to

  • Develop knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively
  • Enjoy lifelong engagement with the arts/music
  • Become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts/music
  • Understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts/music
  • Explore and value the diversity of the arts/music across time, place and cultures
  • Express ideas with confidence and competence
  • Develop perceptual and analytical skills

Programme Highlights

The key highlights for IBDP HL Music candidates at ACS (Independent) include:

1) Performance Opportunities There are plenty of opportunities to perform solo and ensemble repertoire not just in the classroom but also in formal concert settings. Two major platforms are MOE’s biennial concert for all MEP students across Singapore and ACS (Independent)’s very own yearly MEP concert for our Year 1-6 MEP students.

2) Workshops, Masterclasses and Excursions. Students will have a chance to learn more about aspects of music in a stimulating and engaging manner at various workshops and masterclasses conducted by locally and even internationally renowned musicians. Students will also have excursions with each MEP class attending 3-4 concerts a year.

3) Fee Subsidy Students who are admitted into MEP are eligible for a fee subsidy up to a cap of $2400 per student per year. This is applicable for all MEP students regardless of nationality. However, it should be noted that MEP students who also qualify for other Singapore-MOE Awards, such as the Edusave Entrance Scholarship for Independent Schools (EESIS) are entitled to only one award i.e. either the MEP subsidy or the EESIS.

4) Scholarships Up to ten scholarships are awarded to JC MEP students across Singapore each year (applicants must have obtained an A1 in the GCE ‘O’ Level Music Examinations). As an MEP scholar, you would receive $1000 per annum. The scholarship is renewed at the end of each year subject to satisfactory performance at the end of the first year JC course.