Our Teachers

 Mr. Mohamed Shariff
Deputy Dean (Malay & Tamil Languages)
Coordinator IBDP Hindi Language

Mr Shariff has been teaching at ACS (Independent) for over two decades, and had the privilege of spearheading the launching of the ‘Tamil B’ subject in the IB Diploma Program. He has always been more than a teacher to his students- a guide, mentor and even a father figure at times. A cricket enthusiast for the past half a century, Mr Shariff is also the teacher-in-charge of the Cricket CCA, and has guided the school to championship on numerous occasions.

School Contact No.: 68700467/ 67731633

Madam. Alagurani Venkatesan
Coordinator (Upper Secondary),
Tamil Language Department

Madam Rani has the teaching experience of two decades, and is the Tamil language coordinator for the Upper Secondary section. A caring and compassionate person, Madam Rani has always been viewed by students as the teacher who would go the extra mile to help her students excel in their academic disciplines. She is also the compiler of the book ‘Katrathum Karpithathum’, a guide for Tamil Language students around Singapore.

School Contact No.: 68700436/ 67731633

Madam. Vimaldevi,
Coordinator (Lower Secondary),
Tamil Language Department

Madam Vimaldevi has been teaching for more than a quarter of a century. Her wisdom and teaching experience has seen her guide several students to academic excellence and success beyond their school life, and her expert knowledge can always be relied upon when it comes to history of Tamil language and literature. She is passionate about training students for various Tamil language and literature competitions. She also has an eye for traditional art and craft, demonstrating her love for the Tamil culture.

School Contact No.: 68700667/ 67731633