Programme Highlights

The yearly MEP camp brings together all Secondary 3 students enrolled in MEP schools across Singapore for fun-filled programmes exploring a wide range of music.

2) Performance Opportunities
In the MEP, there are many opportunities to perform solo and ensemble repertoire not just in the classroom but also in formal concert settings. Two major platforms are the MOE’s biennial concert for all MEP students across Singapore and ACS (Independent)’s very own yearly MEP concert for our Year 1-6 MEP students.

Here are the performances from the EMP and MEP Showcase 2020.

3) Workshops, Masterclasses and Excursions
MEP students have various opportunities to learn more about different aspects of music in a stimulating and engaging manner, via workshops, talks and masterclasses conducted by locally and internationally renowned musicians. Students can also look forward to learning journeys with their MEP class to attend 1-2 concerts a year.

4) Fee Subsidy for ACS (Independent) Students

Students who are admitted into the MEP are eligible for a fee subsidy up to a cap of $2400 per student per year. This is applicable for all MEP students regardless of nationality. However, it should be noted that MEP students who also qualify for other Singapore-MOE Awards, such as the Edusave Scholarship for Independent Schools (EESIS) are entitled to only one award i.e. either the MEP subsidy or the EESIS.

5) ACS (Independent) MEP Day
Typically held after the Mid-Year Examinations each year, the MEP Day is one of the highlights of our calendar year. This event fosters a tight-knit community by bringing together all our internal and external MEP students for an exciting day of music-related games, a concert, and a meal as an entire fraternity.