Talent Development Programmes

Dr Lee Suan Yew Speaker of the Year Awards

The Dr Lee Suan Yew Speaker of the Year Award is the signature programme of the English Language and Literature Department.   It was back in 1994 that Dr Lee Suan Yew’s generous donation went towards purchasing the challenge shield for the inaugural oratorical competition, which is now eponymously known as the Dr Lee Suan Yew Speaker of the Year Award. Since then, the competition has had several iterations, shifting from an annual event to a biennial event, and having its format evolve alongside the changing communicative challenges brought about by  the technological advancements of the 21st Century.  Now, once every two years, the whole school gathers to witness a dazzling display of ACSian eloquence, wit and stage charisma.  Nine finalists are selected from a highly contested auditions and they battle it out for the prestigious award in their respective categories.  It is our firm believe that the art of public speaking is a powerful and necessary skill to master. The greatest speakers have the ability to influence and alter mindsets.  Hence on the afternoon of the competition, our finalists aim to influence and alter the mindsets of the 3000-strong audience and compete in the Prepared Speech and the Visual Impromptu Speech rounds.


IBDP Language and Literature Symposium

The IBDP Language and Literature Symposium is another signature programme of the English Language and Literature Department.  Held on alternate years, the aim of the symposium is to provide IBDP English A students a thought-provoking platform to explore real-world workings and functions of language and text types in various industries. With its focus on awareness and appreciation of various text types, students will have an opportunity to meet and engage with practitioners in various industries and explore language in a particular cultural context and understand how language reflects and affects issues concerning gender, community, power, bias etc. The event will feature an eminent keynote speaker followed by breakout sessions.  This event is also attended by students of other IB schools in Singapore and their participation broadens the discussion and the greatly enriches the experiences for all involved.


Creative Arts Programme (CAP): Jointly organised by the GE branch of MOE and Yale-NUS College, this programme aims to nurture talented young writers. Students will submit a portfolio to apply. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to attend writing workshops, plenary sessions and forums as well as performance workshops, all of which give the participants the opportunity to learn from established writers and be exposed to exciting issues on writing and the arts. For more information: https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme/special-programmes/creative-arts-programme

Student Submissions:

Prose: Salem  by Timothy Lagman 2.08 (2020)

Prose: My Son Killed Me by David Kwah from class 2.09 (2020) 

Prose: The Deathly Mists of Nanga Parbat by Shivesh s/o Sivaperakas 2.09 (2020)

Prose : Pizza by Wilson Lordu Xavier Garrison Joshua 2.09 (2020)

Poetry: Epic of the Bugs written by Ng Ren Hui from class 2.09 (2020) 

Prose: Naïveté and Cunning by Zachary Matthew Khoo 2.09 (2020)


Literature Seminar: Organised by the GE branch of MOE, this programme aims to stimulate students’ interest in Literature by exposing them to literary issues beyond normal curriculum and classroom content, enabling them to enrich their understanding of the literary discipline. Students will submit a literary inquiry project to apply. Successful applicants will attend a one-day seminar, where they get to attend sessions conducted by guest facilitators, as well as their peers. For more information:https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme/enrichment-programmes-and-activities-secondary/literature-seminar


 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP): Jointly organised by the GE branch of MOE and various institutions of Higher Learning, this programme aims to provide participants with the opportunity to engage in research under the guidance of mentors in the various fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Students will submit a proposal to apply. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work closely with experts to examine a meaningful research problem. For more information: https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme/special-programmes/humanities-and-social-sciences-research-programme