Assessment Modes

The assessment model in theory of knowledge (TOK) has two components, both of which should be completed within the 100 hours designated for the course.


Assessment component
Part 1: Essay on a prescribed title One essay on a title chosen from a list of six titles prescribed by the IB for each examination session. The maximum length for the essay is 1,600 words. All essays are externally assessed by the IB. Each student has to complete an essay planning and progress form (TK/PPF), to be submitted together with the essay.
Part 2: The presentation One presentation to the class by an individual or a group (a maximum of three persons in a group). Approximately 10 minutes per student is allowed for the presentation. One written presentation planning document (TK/PPD)  must be completed by each student to be submitted to IBO at the end of the presentation.   Both the essay and the presentation are assessed using global impression marking rubrics which consists of two aspects : Understanding knowledge questions and Quality of analysis of knowledge questions.   The essay contributes 67% of the final mark and the presentation contributes 33% of the final mark.