Students’ Participation and Achievements

Student Programmes

The Indian Cultural Society (ICS) is an enriching platform for ACS Independent students to showcase their talents and at the same time reinforce their knowledge of Indian Culture. Led by the Year 5s & 6s, the ICS works closely with the Tamil Language teachers in organizing structured events every year, with the aim of presenting students with the opportunity of experiencing the Tamil festive atmosphere, as well as to partake in competitions that bolster their appreciation for the Tamil language.

Kalai Vizha:
Kalai Vizha is a series of several Tamil literary competitions, a signature programme organized by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Indian Cultural Society. Being one of the most highly-anticipated competitions in the Tamil student community, another important feature of Kalai Vizha 2016 is its added features of a variety of Tamil-related competitions. Kalai Vizha is organized to promote the use of the Tamil language amongst our student population and the participants. Kalai Vizha is also a cultural event that promotes knowledge and awareness of our Tamil culture to our own students as well as our participants. We believe that organizing this competition would allow us to stay rooted to our mother tongue language.

MT Fortnight:
The Tamil Language Department, working closely with the Ministry of Education, leads the Mother Tongue Fortnight activities, where a series of events will be conducted during curriculum hours, allowing students to participate in fun and enriching activities, enhancing their understanding of the Tamil culture. The MT Fortnight is conducted with its interests aligned to the vision of our forefathers, a vision about Singapore being a vibrant bilingual community.

Our Achievements

Edhugai National Day Songwriting Competition 2013
First Runners’ Up

National Creative Writing Competition 2014
First Prize

Cedar & Victoria All Arts Competition 2014
Shortfilm Competition: Consolation Prize

Tamil Fest 2014
Quiz Competition: 4th Prize
Singing Competition: Consolation Prize
Shortfilm Competition: 4th Prize
Tamil Typewriting Competition: 2nd Prize

23rd Annual Raffles Institution Tamil Language Literacy Competitions 2014
Quiz Competition: 1st Prize
Upper Sec Oratorical Competition: Consolation Prize
Lower Sec Oratorical Competition: 3rd Prize

24th Annual Raffles Institution Tamil Language Literacy Competitions 2015
Poetry Competition: 1st Prize
Lower Sec Essay Writing Competition: 2nd Prize
Lower Sec Oratorical Competition: Consolation Prize
Upper Sec Oratorical Competition: 2nd Prize
Quiz Competition: Consolation Prize
Overall Champions (Winners of the Challenge Trophy)

Sorkalam Tamil Debate Competition 2016
Round 1: Best Individual Speaker
Round 2: Best Individual Speaker

25th Annual Raffles Institution Tamil Language Literacy Competitions 2016
Poetry Competition: 1st Prize
Lower Sec Essay Writing Competition: 2nd and 4th Prizes
Upper Sec Essay Writing Competition: 4th Prize
Lower Sec Oratorical Competition: 3rd Prize

Sigaram Victoria-Cedar Alliance Tamil All Arts Competition 2016
TED Talk Show: 1st Prize
Impromptu Advertisement: 3rd Prize

Crescent Train Shuttle- Location Based Learning 2016
Location Based Learning: 3rd Prize

National Pre-University Tamil Debate Competition 2016
Debate Competition: 3rd Prize

Tamil Pattimandra Kalai Kazhagam Oratorical Competition 2016
Oratorical Competition: 3rd and 4th Prizes