Art & Design – Years 3 – 4 IP and Years 5 – 6 IB


Life and education are a journey where we OBSERVE, INVESTIGATE, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER.  It all makes an imprint on the mind of the person who experiences this journey. The ACS(I) IP/IB Visual Art Programme facilitates, equips, and nurtures the creative mind to engage with and respond to its surrounding stimuli giving birth to tangible imprints.  These imprints reflect the journey of fueled and engaged “creative engines” as they travel the ever-changing landscape.


The objective of the IP/IB Visual Art Programme is to unlock powerful new dimensions of learning and expression, enabling our students to travel from the familiar into unexplored territory on their way to an unknown destination. This objective is birthed as each student learns to integrate thinking skills, observation skills, and various tools of expression (media skills) in order to “breathe life” into some of their unique imprints that have been gathered on their journey. These processes are central to Art Education at ACS(I).

 The aims of the syllabus are:

 …developing and facilitating creative, analytical, and critical thinking skills,

…beckoning young minds to navigate uncharted territory,

…spawning a new dimension of imagination,

…engaging the mind to forge new links to creative expression,

…enabling the creative mind to explore/respond to its surrounding visual stimuli,

…producing seeds of change,

…fueling creative engines into vast new territories,

…driving the creative mind to continually search an ever-changing landscape,

 …awaking to and connecting with the influences from within the landscape of history, culture, society, and the physical world,

…transporting the mind in new directions to unexpected destinations,

…unlocking new dimensions of vision and imagination,

ushering creative minds  into  a new world of possibilities in the 21st century.