National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)

National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) was established in 2005. The unit now has over 120 cadets; 4 Teacher-Officers and an administrative officer who helps to oversee the operation of the unit.

Our Flag/Crest

The NCDCC Crest follows closely to the crest of the parent organisation, SCDF.

The international Civil Defence triangle features prominently in the crest. The equilateral blue triangle symbolizes the three main areas of Civil Defence – fire safety, first aid, and rescue and evacuation.

Our state shield is set on the triangle, which is garlanded by a laurel of leaves, signifying the formal status of the SCDF as a national organisation.

The green laurel, with a red ribbon, represents the honour of service in the Civil Defence. These are supported by a blue banner with the white inscriptions “NCDCC” which stands for National Civil Defence Cadet Corps. Blue, the colour of the SCDF, stands for loyalty and dedication to the nation and citizens.

Our Mission

To nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens through innovative and challenging CD activities.

To nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens through innovative and challenging CD activities.


Recognising the need to nurture cadets who are resilient, rugged and responsible citizens, NCDCC seeks to achieve 3 objectives through its activities. The objectives are:

  • Imparting CD Knowledge and Skills.
  • Developing and Molding of Character and Leadership.
  • Imbue Awareness of Homeland Security through National Education
  • Community Service.

“Imparting CD Knowledge and Skills..”

Cadets are expected to be proficient in basic Civil Defence knowledge and also competent in Civil Defence Skills. The achievement of this expectation would render our cadets to be useful citizens who are able to contribute to the society in times of crisis. Over time, it is hoped that NCDCC cadets can use the basic knowledge and skills that they have learnt to further their careers in SCDF where they can actively help the country and the Force to achieve its goal, to ” Protect and Serve ” Singapore and the International community at large.

“Developing and Molding of Character and Leadership..”

In the course of their training in NCDCC, ample opportunities would be created for cadets to be practicing leaders. Real life learning through hands on experience in leading would mould the cadets into sensible, competent leaders with a regard for the people they lead and serve . This rite of passage to leadership also helps in character building and adoption of the right values.

“Imbue Awareness of Homeland Security through National Education and Community Service..”

Like many Uniformed Group organisations, NCDCC has a responsibility to create awareness towards homeland security to provide a safer and more secure nation for all to live in. Proactive National Education measures and service learning through community service would contribute to Total Defence as cadets feel a sense of being a stakeholder of this sovereign state they call home.
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Our Motto

We Learn, We Lead and We Serve

NCDCC members always strive to Learn as many skills and get as much knowledge as possible so as to be able to Lead fellow cadets and ultimately become responsible leaders in the community. They will then in turn Serve the society as a whole. The learning cycle will continue to evolve to a higher plane of achievement. The Motto will serve as our guiding principle for all training and activities organized by NCDCC.

Our Core Values

Every Uniformed Group holds dear to its core training, a set of values and ideals that steer them in the direction that has been charted by the mission. The core values of NCDCC can be drawn from it’s initials, forming an acronym. The explanation for each value is found below.

N – Noble
C – Caring
D – Disciplined

C – Courageous
C – Committed


The value of being Noble is to create a sense of empathy and chivalry in cadets. To remind them to put others before self. That acts of selflessness are valued, to protect and respect the weak and underprivileged for the benefit of the community at large.


Caring cadets are a vision of NCDCC. To be able to create an awareness of the needs of others and environment. This awareness would translate into cadets with an understanding about the need to be concerned about the world that they live in.


The hallmark of all Uniformed Group organisations. We are no different in this aspect. To enforce a high level of discipline in regimentation and personal self. Cadets are to be disciplined in behaviour and mental thoughts. To be able to uphold and stick firm by the values that we believe in.


Courage in many forms is desired from NCDCC cadets. Courage in the face of trying times to take the lead to make things happen and also the moral courage to do the right thing even when pressured to do otherwise.


An important value in these times where changes are constant and decisions made may waiver at the slightest influence. Cadets should be able to stay focused and committed to their goals even if there are obstacles. Cadets should also be dependable and reliable in their commitments to both the community and nation.

Our Pledge

We, members of the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, pledge to serve our
community. We take pride in our training and uniform. We are responsible
for our actions. We are loyal to the Nation.

Our Song

Learn, Lead & Serve

We will Learn, Lead & Serve
With courage and commitment
Show we care and to be prepared
To be worthy
To be excellent


It’s our aim to strengthen our youths
Be always sure and steady
Though the times ahead can get tough
You will find our people ready


We will Learn, Lead & Serve
With courage and commitment
Show we care and to be prepared
To be worthy (to be worthy!)
To be excellent (to be excellent!)

So upward and forward we’ll go
Ready for tomorrow
Stay alert & sharp at all times
Agile in everyway

(Repeat Chorus)