ACSI NPCC 2019 in summary

2019 has been another great year for the NPCC Unit where we achieved the Gold Award for the NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award for the 12th consecutive year.

Our cadets participated in the prestigious NPCC Annual Parade held in Home Team Academy where they marched in the Guard-Of-Honour contingent. Our Unit commemorated the NPCC Observance Day in school with INSP Lam Yew Keong, Deputy Director-in-charge, Community Policing Unit, Singapore Police Force, as the Guest-of-Honour. He praised the cadets for their splendid marching and awarded the Best Unit Cadet and the prestigious Singapore Police Force – NPCC Award to deserving Year Four cadets. We also marched smartly in the Founders’ Day Parade, Police Day Parade at the Home Team Academy and the National Day Parade at the Padang. Our cadets were also selected to attend the Harmony Camp and educational visit to Brunei, organized by the NPCC Headquarters (HQ).

Furthermore, we achieved 8th and 11th positions in the finals of the NPCC Inter-Unit Revolver Shoot Competition with Kyan Lee Ka Jin from 4.09 Elijah attaining the 2nd position in Individual Shoot, organized by NPCC HQ. Besides attending NPCC courses, camps and visits to police establishments, our cadets also participated in Kayakking, Air-Pistol, Adventure and Survival Training Camps. Cadets also completed Values-in-Action programmes where they packed canned food for the needy organized by the Food for Heart Organisation as well as spread crime prevention messages to residents in Dover estate.

Our cadets will continue to strive for success especially with the consistent efforts of the Cadet Leaders, Cadet Inspectors and Teacher-Officers, Ms Salinah Latiff, Mr Peh Sik Kai, Ms Martinah Talib, Mr Chua Kock Yong, Mr Mark Ratnam and Mr Alex Lim.

NPCC Annual Parade GOH contingent at Home Team Academy

NPAP 2019 is my fourth NPCC-HQ parade and it was an eye-opener. In this parade, I was part of the Guard of Honour contingent, representing our Unit who has achieved the Gold Award. Having a role in such a major event was overwhelming and I truly enjoyed the journey, gaining new knowledge and forged friendships through the exposure.

   Throughout the trainings, I learnt new drills and was trained to carry a real M16 rifle. The greatest takeaway was being able to observe the entire making of the parade. I understood more about the organisation and proceedings of a parade, which was not as simple as I thought it would be. I was also amazed at how the trainers managed to coordinate the efforts of almost a thousand cadets to form the parade and this inspired me to one day become a Cadet Inspector as well.

   Despite my experience in drills, I still had trouble executing the complicated moves and dropped the rifle many times during trainings. I had little confidence and felt embarrassed when I messed up a command. However, through the encouragement from my new friends, I persevered and improved tremendously. This NPAP parade on 13th April, has taught me that any challenge that comes our way is conquerable with the support of our squad mates

Reported by SSGT (NPCC) Asher Ang Yu Han  from 3.10, 2019

NPCC HQ Overseas Educational Visit to Brunei 

Being selected to represent the Unit for the 4 days and 3 nights Overseas Educational visit to Brunei organised by NPCC HQ, together with other Secondary Two NPCC cadets, made me more open-minded to new adventure and more appreciative of what I have in Singapore.

  The trip has allowed me to broaden my mind and forge new bonds with peers from different races. Many friends have been made throughout the short but enjoyable trip from both Singapore and Brunei. From the numerous bus rides to a housewarming, many fond memories remain. This trip has allowed me to explore Brunei and all of its various unique places such as the floating water village and the Royal Regalia Museum. I have also benefitted from my group mates and the Teacher Officer for our group, Mr Toh, during our daily debriefs.

Reported by CPL (NPCC) Jeremy Chong, 2.05, 2019

NPCC contingent at National Day Parade in 2019

My nervousness disappeared after the first 4 bars of music filled the air and
“the chosen 36” marched forward together in perfect unison.  This was the climax of countless hours of practice and
full dress rehearsals for 4 months on Saturdays.  I was given the honour of representing our NPCC unit at the National Day Parade 2019 at the Padang on 9th August.

Fourty-five cadets from 45 different schools met every Saturday for 4 months from
8 am to 9 pm for the training sessions. On 5 of those Saturdays, we performed to the deafening cheers of a live audience at the National Day Preview to the Primary 5 students and the National Day Preview to the general public.

I was very excited indeed on the actual National Day on 9th August. Only 36 of the 45 cadets would be chosen – and the trainers would only inform us at the very last moment. I felt a surge of relief and pride when informed that I was part of the “chosen 36”. Our spirits were high as all of us have a common goal, which was to put in our best and contribute towards a memorable National Day Parade 2019.

The excitement of that day has come and gone.  What remains is the bond of friendship with several of the other cadets. I will always treasure these friendships forged by this unique experience

Reported by SSGT (NPCC) Hu Xuan Hao, 2019

NPCC Inter Unit Drill Competition 2019

The journey of the Finals of the NPCC Inter-Unit Drill Competition, organised by the NPCC HQ, is one that is very memorable and also one of resilience and hard work for me and my squad mates in the team. It has been a very meaningful experience with many valuable takeaways for me.

    I vividly remembered the first few training sessions where our drills were sub-par and we wondered whether we could make it to the Final round. However, we soon started to improve with the great guidance of the many Seniors and Cadet Inspectors. As we struggled to balance the strenuous training sessions, other CCA commitments and homework, we gained more confident as the preliminary round was just around the corner. We were inevitably nervous on that day but gave our all as we marched proudly without any error at Unity Square of the Home Team Academy.

   We were thrilled when the team qualified for the Finals. Thus, the usual training routine resumed, albeit with the added challenge of more complicated drills. It dawned on us that 3 months of hard work would boil down to the 10 minutes in the Finals where there was no planned sequence and we had to rely on the commands from the Parade Commander, SI (NPCC) Izzakyl.

    On the day of the Finals, we performed to the best of our abilities and were glad that we did not make many error and the sequence was similar to our training sessions in school. As we sat in the Auditorium during the announcement of the Results, tightly grabbing one another’s hands, we were overjoyed upon realising that we had clinched the 2nd position! Proudly singing the school song with the medals around our necks, was one moment which we will remember forever.

   This valuable experience has taught us the significance of teamwork and unity as we had to perform the drills together and in synch. It has also allowed us to forge close friendships with each other. This achievement would also not have been possible without the guidance and effort that our CIs and OC have put in.

Reported by SSGT (NPCC) Ethan Tan, 3.07. 2019


NPCC Inter Unit Revolver Shoot Competition 2019

The finals of the Revolver Shoot Competition organised by the NPCC HQ on 29th June, was a wonderful experience overall and indeed gave me warm memories. The revolver shoot competition had provided me an opportunity to use the .22 revolver in a timed-setting to score as much for the team of 5 cadets. Being selected as the top 10 teams for male cadets out of the 130 units was an honour.

   The training sessions had equipped me with the right aiming skills and the ability to face the challenge. Moreover, it allowed me to enter the shooting range with confidence in what I could do.

   Experiences such as these in NPCC always give me the opportunity to push myself, such as when I outdid myself with a much improved competition score as compared to my training score. It was a privilege to be able to represent our school in this prestigious competition where we achieved 8th position in the Finals.

Reported by SGT (NPCC) William Tan, 3.11, 2019


   One of the most unique activity as an NPCC cadet was the Survival Training Camp in Ubin.
For area 16 STC this year, we were lucky to have the camp conducted in 2 days instead of the usual 3 days.

   In this 2-day camp in the September holidays, we had to cook our own food in mass tins using rations, complete activities ranging from the zipline to the high-ropes course, and sleep under the pavilion on the hard-concrete ground at night. We did pitch the tents in the morning but due to the high PSI level of the haze, we slept under covered shelter instead.
Despite the harsh conditions, the experience encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. The Cadet Inspectors’ encouragement enthused us to lead our teams in different areas such as packing the rations, role call, group skits and cheering sessions.
My most memorable experience in STC was the Campfire. We were entertained by the CIs who took on the roles of emcees, and every Cadet Leader had a chance to perform humorous and engaging skits and cheers in teams for everyone. As they performed, we cheered each other and had fun singing the campfire songs together.
After overcoming the tough challenges and obstacles in STC, I am grateful to the Cadet Inspectors in charge of our group, as well as sharing enjoyable memories with my fellow Cadet Leaders, forging bonds with cadets from the other units. STC has provided me more leadership opportunities where I understand what it means to serve as a Cadet Leader for the Unit.

Reported by SGT(NPCC) Tan Terr Yienn, 3.09, 2019

NPCC Values in Action at Food from the Heart

Initially embarking on this VIA project at Food from the Heart organisation, my fellow cadets and I had no idea of what we were required to do. We later learned that the organisation is a non-profit charity with a mission to reach out to the less fortunate and brighten their days by alleviating their hunger. Upon hearing this, we were indeed grateful to be a part of this mission to help the needy.

We were first tasked to collect various food items such as biscuits, canned food and others from the warehouse. After collecting them, we have to pack them in packets to be delivered to the less-fortunate. While eager to complete our work as quickly and efficiently as possible, we had a fun time chatting with one another. For me, this VIA activity was very meaningful and I am glad to help the needy.

Upon completing the activity, we were asked to express our feelings in one word. For all of us, that feeling in our hearts was fulfilment. We were indeed very grateful to make an impact, no matter how small, in the lives of others and were able to learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Reported by CPL (NPCC) Jaisankar Suriyakiran, 2.09, 2019