Training Schedule

Training Schedule

The section provides an overview of the training/CCA day(s) as well as the competition season(s). If a detailed schedule is available, this may be uploaded as an attachment. You may choose to provide a disclaimer that training activities may be adjusted to suit school and competition requirements as well as where or whom parents/students can check for the latest schedule. A sample is provided below:


The training schedule below serves as a guide. This may be adjusted to suit school and competition requirements.


 Div/Group Day Time Venue Comments
 Y1 – Y4 Fri 2.30 – 6.00  Space Frame, Language Rooms
 Y5 – Y6 NYAA Gold Programme

Please refer to attachment for detailed schedule or email the respective teacher in charge.

CCA training dates Jan-June 2016_updated as of DDMM

Our team participates in three competitions annually. These are the

  • Zonal First Aid Competition (March)
  • National First Aid Competition (July)