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NCC (Air) Schedule 2020

Junior Cadets (Year 1) Senior Cadets (Year 2) Cadet Leaders (Year 3) Senior Cadet Leaders (Year 4)
Air Affirmation Ceremony for all Cadets – 13th April Camp Steel for all Cadets–16th/22nd January SAR 21 Technical Handling for all Cadets – 3rd March OR 24th March  14th Advanced Drill Course – 16th-20st March
Camp Forge for all Cadets– 29th June OR 8th/21thJuly Silver Wing for all Cadets– 3rd­­/4th June Gold Wing Course for all Cadets – 16th-17th March 70th Cadet Officer Course for nominated Cadets

– 20th November- 4th December

Flight Experience Program for all Cadets – TBC FSD BI Course for nominated Cadets – 8th-12th June Mt. Ophir Expedition for nominated Cadets – 18st-20rd March OR 17th-19th June  
  IMT for all Cadets – TBC Live Range and IMT for all Cadets – 30th March  
  Fitness Trainer’s Course for nominated Cadets – 4th, 6th, 21st, 24th, 25th August and 12th October  

Specialist Assessment for all Cadets – 4th March OR 26th March OR 30th March OR 1st April OR 7th April

  Flight Experience Program for all Cadets – TBC Senior Specialist Leaders Course for nominated Cadets – 8th – 10th June OR 8th-10th September  
    Flight Experience Program for all Cadets – TBC  

*Dates are subjected to changes by HQ (Calendar of Events 2020)