Training Plan & Schedule











  1. All cadets should place their bags in their respective classroom lockers before training starts.

Junior cadets may place their bags in the lockers outside classroom B105 & B106.

All cadets must vacate the classrooms B105 & B106 (& remove all bags & belongings) by 6pm as the rooms will be locked by the  school.

  1. Cadets are reminded to be properly attired (full/smart No.4 uniform or half No. 4 uniform = black NCC tshirt with No. 4 pants with beret) for training with proper acceptable haircut.

Cadets should inform their Staff Sergeants if they need to borrow any NCC attire from the NCC (Land) room at Junior Block from 2:00pm on Friday.

  1. Cadets who do not turn up for training without a valid excuse (MC) will be given a demerit point



NCC (Land) trainings are on Friday afternoons, 2:30pm to 6:00pm but may extend to 6:30pm for competition team preparations for Freestyle Drill Competition & Precision Drill Squad Competitions.

HQ NCC trainings (Technical Handling, Specialist Assessement, IMT, Live Range) may be scheduled on weekdays, 12:00pm to 5:00pm (6:00pm or later for cadet leaders Live Ranges) at various locations (eg. HQ NCC, Amoy Quee Camp (Yio Chu Kang), Pasir Laba Camp (Jurong), Nee Soon Camp (Yishun)).

HQ NCC camps/courses are held at HQ NCC, Amoy Quee Camp (Yio Chu Kang):

for junior cadets: Affirmation Ceremony (afternoon); Camp FORGE (1 day).

for senior cadets: Camp STEEL (1 day); IMT (3 hrs)

for cadet leaders: SAR21 Technical  Handling (afternoon); IMT (3 hrs); SAR21 Live Range (5 hrs); Specialist Assessment (afternoon); Senior Specialist Leaders Course (3 days), Annual Kayaking Expedition (optional, 4 days)

for senior cadet leaders: Advanced Drills Course (3 days), Cadet Officers Course (14 days).