Year Competition Awards
2004 Gold
2005 Gold, Best Sea Unit and 3rd Overall Best NCC unit
2006 Gold
2007 Gold
2008 Gold
2009 Gold
2010 Gold, Best Sea Unit
2011 Gold
2012 Gold
  • Grand Champions for Annual Rowing Competition
  • Overall Champions for Part C Bends and Hitches Competition
  • 2nd Runner up for Part A Bends and Hitches Competition
  • District Champions for Precision Drill Squad Competition
2014 Gold


Year Cadet Awards
 2012  HQ Outstanding Cadet Award – MSG Lee Kay Howe
 2013  Advanced Drill Course Platoon Best Cadet – MSG Koh Tun Lee
 2014  HQ Outstanding Cadet Award – MSG Zachary Lim
 2014  Advanced Drill Course Course Best Cadet – MSG Zachary Lim
 2015 Cadet Officer Lee Kay Howe awarded PSC Scholarship.