National Cadet Corps (Sea)

NCC Sea unit was officially commisioned in 2001. It was the first year the sea unit competed in the Best Unit Competition as ACS(I) NCC Sea Unit after transferring from NCC Sea HQ. They garnered a creditable Silver which was an impressive feat for a newly established school unit. Over the years, the unit grew in strength. With a supportive Senior Administration, dedicated teachers and committed cadets eager to prove themselves, the sea unit achieved the Gold award for BUC since 2004.

The NCC syllabus has common elements in the tri-service units. Just like NCC Land and NCC Air, NCC Sea also practices precision drill, individual field craft and camp craft, and takes part in orienteering and shooting competitions which it has done well in the past few years. In addition, the sea cadets go through an intensive 1star kayaking program. The Year 3 cadets put their kayaking skills to the test in the Annual Kayaking Expedition too.As part of NCC initiative, the ACS(I) Sea unit had the opportunity to learn dragon-boating.

The unit has also been making its mark amongst the NCC(Sea) Unit in Singapore. Apart from clinching the Best Sea Unit Award in 2005 and 2010 and sustaining its Gold Unit status since 2004 to 2014.

Cadet Officer Lee Kay Howe was awarded PSC Scholarship in 2015.

NCC Sea cadets are always thankful God for His bountiful blessings upon the unit and the Senior Administration, Teaching- and Non-Teaching staff for their unwavering support and understanding that allow us to soar on wings like eagles.

To God Be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!