This section provides the key teachers in charge / coaches and if applicable the areas of responsibilities. A contact email may be provided. Tels are optional.  A sample template is provided below.

 Name of Teacher Email Remarks 
 Mr Kenneth Seah  cheehwa@acsindep.edu.sg Overall Teacher in Charge / Y5 & Y6  Senior Cadets
 Mr Dennis Sim dennis@acsindep.edu.sg Year 1 cadets (advisor)
 Ms Alice Pang alicephh@acsindep.edu.sg Year 4 cadets
 Mrs Usha usha@acsindep.edu.sg  Year 2 cadets
 Ms Ivy Goh  ivygohqf@acsindep.edu.sg Year 1 cadets
Mr Wong Tze Yung tzeyung@acsindep.edu.sg Year 3 cadets