Boys’ Brigade Bagpipe Band

The ACS(I) 12I Boys’ Brigade Bagpipe Band was founded in 1954 and carries with it a long musical tradition. The Band is made up of four sections namely the Bagpipes, Snare, Tenor and Bass drums. Over the past few years, we have performed for a variety of school events including Boys’ Brigade Day, Founder’s Day and National Day. The Bagpipe Band has also made public performances at the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 ASEAN Sea Games, the 2018 Orchard Road Christmas light-up, as well as the 2019 BB Share-a-Gift Handover to MOE.

The Bagpipe Band excels at multiple competitions such as the annual Pipes and Drums Festival and the Piping Warrior and Drumming Maniac competition in 2021. The Bagpipe Band has consistently clinched top three placings in the Pipes and Drums Festival, including winning first place titles in both Boys and Open Categories from 2015-2017.

Beyond achievements, the Bagpipe Band provides members with invaluable experiences and exposure. Band members have the opportunity to learn under the guidance of experienced instructors from Beyond the Octave. Furthermore, our annual band camp is another platform for members to hone leadership skills as well as to strengthen the camaraderie between seniors and juniors.

Over time, the band has grown from strength to strength. Its success can be attributed to the dedication and commitment of the Band Majors, Senior Members, Officers, Primers and Teachers. We thank God for His faithfulness to the Band through our many years. To God be the Glory, The Best is Yet to Be!