Library Council

A Harvard University Professor Emeritus once said, “What a school thinks about its library, is a measure of what it feels about education.” In ACS (Independent), staff and students have a healthy regard for the library as a place for one to acquire wisdom and knowledge, resources.

The Shaw library is open all-year round, except on public holidays, from Monday to Friday. Student-librarians assist in the Library for two hours on their duty days. The Executive Committee members have the opportunities to develop their leadership skills by taking charge of assigning tasks to the student-librarians and supervising them while they are on duty. They also take charge of the recruitment campaign in January and organized day-camps-cum-work day throughout the year.

The main function of the Shaw library, however, is to cater to the needs of the staff and student body in the areas of reading, research and resources. More books, Audio-Visual aids and multi-media resources are regularly purchased to enhance our collection of materials, both print and non-print. This is to provide support materials for our students in their individualised studies, project work and research for their term papers such as Extended Essays (EE).

Other than the exam periods when there is a ‘break in service’, our student-librarians continue to do their regular weekly rounds to keep the library in ship-shape condition. Together as a team, Student-Librarians, Ms Ong, Teacher Librarian with the support of Mr Leo Joon Meng, Chief Librarian, our two Library Officers Mdm Susie Wong, Mdm Ifah and Mr Victor Tan, Senior Director, we continue to strive to make the library a place that is truly conducive for teaching and learning, while being mindful of the school motto that ‘The Best is Yet to Be’.