Photographic Society

Welcome everyone! The ACS (Independent) Photographic Society, also known as Photog in short, is a place where photography enthusiasts get a chance to explore their interests vividly. It initially started out with the purpose of documenting school events but has evolved into a CCA where members can flaunt their skills and develop their ideas further with training from our own talented members!

What do typical meetings look like?

There is no boring routine to follow in every weekly training session. Every week, we have either internal or external trainers who will enhance our skill sets and knowledge on various genres, processing the photos, tips to improve and more!  With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many of the competitions and events have become digitalized and this has given us the chance to continue our daily sessions as per usual.

We are honoured to invite many guest speakers to motivate us and equip us with the required knowledge to reach greater heights! However, listening to the experts in this field may be very useful but the lessons learnt only come to fruition when we put our skills to the test. Holding the camera and exploring the world of photography hands-on is an authentic experience for any budding photographer! 📸

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, we still have the chance to have insightful training sessions around the school compound. With phase 3 here, we are optimistic about more outings all around Singapore including interesting night photography, macro photography, street photography among other exciting genres! Don’t miss the chance to capture those moments and experience the thrill with your Photog friends!

We provide ample opportunities for you to practice your skills and at the same time serve the school with ‘duties’ – including shooting for school events, competitions with training and participating in projects that meaningfully impact the school community, all while doing the thing you love, and it is also a great avenue to collect CAS/VIA hours too!

You might be thinking, ‘I don’t own a camera, how can I join the club?’. Fear not! We have a wide range of DSLR camera bodies, lens, tripods and other items that members can borrow.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words” – Destin Sparks. Want to capture those lasting memories and write your own story with us? Come and join us today! Let the photoshoot begin!

Other platforms you can find us at:

Sharanya Basu (6.15 2021) and PL Sriram (6.04 2021)