Photographic Society

Affectionately referred to simply as “Photog”, the ACSI Photographic Society was started with the main aim of documenting and archiving school events and has blossomed into a CCA that not only provides members with the platform to showcase their skills and talents, but also provides them with the equipment and training to take them to the new levels.

What do typical meetings look like?

There are no “typical” meetings in Photog. Some weeks the club will meet to have training sessions, where internal or external trainers will take us through training sessions to expand our skill sets and knowledge on various topics such as different photography genres, processing of photos, or equipment care. We often have guest speakers invited to inspire and challenge us to take our photography to the next level. But of course, no number of tutorials could compare to putting our hands to the plow and going out to shoot- that’s why outings are a regular occurrence in the club. You can look forward to outings to photography hotspots like Chinatown and Bayfront, and even night outings to try your hand at night photography.

Commitments outside of weekly meetings include “duties”- shooting for school events, and other competitions and conventions, lending your time to serve the school community through doing something you love (which by the way, can contribute to your CAS!).

And of course, you might be thinking, “I don’t own a camera! I can’t join Photog”. To which we have to say that the club owns a wide variety of DSLR bodies, lenses and other accessories that members can easily borrow. No camera? No problem! All you need is a passion for capturing great memories and immortalizing them for years to come. Interested? Join us!

Other platforms you can find us at:

Instagram: @ac_photog_club