Young Entrepreneurs’ Society

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (YES) stated out as part of the Talent Development Programme in ACS (Independent) three years ago and is now an established CCA for Year 5 and 6 IB students.

YES aims to provide a platform for students to develop their interest and skills in areas related to business management, entrepreneurship, techno-preneurship, social enterprises and event management.

Some of our training events and projects include:

  1. An Entreprenuer Mindset Training: We believe that mindset training is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur and also to prepare our students to face real challenges when they graduate from the school and enter the various industries of their choice.
  2. Business Symposium: We invite industry specialists as guest speakers and judges for this event where it has a competition which is based on various themes.
  3. Social Enterprise Week: Students will organise a fund raising activity by inviting social enterprises to come to our school to promote their products and services.
  4. Entrepreneurship Days: This event will be conducted throughout the year where activities are organised for the school family to participate in business related competitions.
  5. Industry Visits and Talks: This will strengthen and provide more information for our students to learn about aspects of entrepreneurship and techno-preneurship.

The following are some of national competitions we participate yearly:

  1. International Trade Challenge
  2. Social Innovation Relay
  3. Raffles Business Symposium
  4. Bloomberg Start-up Program
  5. UBS Youth Finance Academy
  6. NUS Case competition