Astronomy Club

ACS was founded by Bishop Oldham who started by teaching Astronomy to Businessmen more than a century ago. Our founder’s passion was in Astronomy and so is our passion.

Students who join the Astronomy club are interested in science beyond the classroom, what is up in the heavens and aspiring to be scientists. The club provides opportunities to handle telescopes and offers diverse possibilities for creative thinking.


  1. To enable pupils to take an active interest in the night sky of Singapore by recognising constellations and naming bright stars
  2. To help pupils locate celestial objects and planets
  3. To help pupils appreciate and better understand the motion of celestial objects / coordinates used in astronomy
  4. To encourage teamwork
  5. To encourage the school population to appreciate the night sky.
  6. To conduct ‘Introduction to Astronomy’ courses to school students at Community Library/ Schools
  7. To provide enrichment for the boarders