Astronomy Club

Astronomy in ACS has been around since its founding.

In February 1885, the founder of ACS, William Fitzjames Oldham, had just arrived in Singapore. He chanced upon an invitation to interact with a group of Chinese merchants eager for their sons to receive an English education. There, at the beginning of the ACS story, he delivered his speech on Astronomy.

The work Bishop Oldham did over one hundred and thirty years ago continues with the students who share our club’s passion in Astronomy.

Students who join the Astronomy club are aspiring scientists, enthusiasts for the heavens above, and interested in learning beyond the classroom. The club provides opportunities to understand and work with telescopes and equipment, and offers diverse possibilities for creative thinking.

Perks of joining Astronomy

  • We give opportunities to learn more about astronomy and to understand the passion of astronomy in you.
  • We are a tight-knit, student-led CCA where anyone and everyone can participate and steer the club’s direction.
  • You will get to learn some advanced astronomy that can help you with your physics and math through school.
  • You can get more opportunities to socialise and interact.


  1. To enable pupils to take an active interest in the night sky of Singapore and being proficient in the night sky.
  2. To broaden pupils’ horizons by helping them understand topics beyond their year’s syllabus, like astrophysics and cosmology, which are relevant in their education beyond.
  3. To have hands-on learning experiences with telescopes and other sophisticated equipment.
  4. To have fun as a member of the club while learning.
  5. To help encourage the growth of the astronomy community in the school and in Singapore.
  6. To collaborate with other schools and be in touch with the astronomy community in Singapore.
  7. To take away knowledge about astronomy and the memories shared by the time one leaves the club.