Schedule and Expectations


Students are expected to fulfil two components as a member of the Interact Club. They need to ensure a minimum of 75% attendance in both the service and club meetings. Hours are clearly denoted in the following tables. Outstanding awards will be given to students who are exemplary in their attendance.


IBDP Service Component

Total Service Hours from Weekly Service: 65 hours over two years

Minimum Service Hours from Service (75%): 50 hours over two years

ACS (Independent)

Secondary School Service Component

Secondary school students will have an hour service weekly where they will engage in school campus cleaning


Service Component

Total Service Hours from Weekly Service: 30 hours

Minimum Service Hours from Service (75%): 25 hours over two years

ACS (Independent)

AD Hoc Service Opportunities

These projects range from 2-24 hours.


ACS (Independent)


Club Meetings (Week B, Thursdays, 16:00-16:45

Club Meetings are critical because they complement the service component. It is in these meetings that you will meet with your peers and share your learnings and issues. There will be training given during club meetings as well. Interactors are expected to come for at least 75% of these club meetings.

All club meetings are held on Week B, Thursdays from 16.00-16.45

Compulsory events that are counted under club meetings for all Year 5s and Y6s are as follows:

  1. Interact Camp is held in early April
  2. AGM held usually between April and May
  3. Interact Club Installation (Incoming Exco) held usually in July

The following are the only reasons accepted as VR:

  1. Mass lectures
  2. Remedials for Week B (i.e. Group 2 for 2019)
  3. Competitions or SYF on the day of the club meeting only OR if the competition or SYF is on Friday or the following Monday and there is a practice session
  4. Absence from school
  5. Green form
  6. Other reasons approved by Senior Administration


All VRs or MCs need to be submitted to the IAs within 3 days, failing which, it will be regarded as an absence.