Health and Fitness Club

Who Are We?

Health and fitness club is formed for students who have a passion for general fitness. The club engages instructors to carry out a variety of activities such as Zumba, Weight Training, Pilates and other aerobic and non-aerobic activities that promote opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. In addition every year we are engaged in one Values In Action (VIA) project that is fitness related in accordance to our mission that health and fitness extends beyond the school arena to the wider community. Thus far we have done projects such as the Singapore Sports Council Boccia Training for The Cerebral Palsy Association, Wild Life Reserves Zoolympix, Wolfathon with the Singapore Heart Association and many others.

Please note there is an emphasis on weight-training for those wanting to pursue strength and conditioning and other vigorous activities such as Body Combat. As such, We only accept students from Year 5 – 6.