Track & Field

Track and Field is a ubiquitous CCA in schools. However, in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), this CCA is anything but common to the student athletes of the team. Over the years, ACS(I) has produced numerous student athletes who made their mark on the regional and local sporting scenes. The passion and dedication of our student athletes, alongside their quest for excellence, is unmistakable.

Recently, our team participated in the 60th National School Games (NSG) and ended the season spectacularly. The ‘A’ Division boys clinched the Bronze medal for the 4x100m and 4x400m relay races while the ‘B’ Division boys took home the Silver, also for the 4x100m and 4x400m relay races.

 Overall, our team is placed 4th in the ‘A’ Division, and 5th for both the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions.  In the individual events, our team netted 2 Golds, 5 Silvers, 1 Bronze and three 4th places. These are remarkable feats against the ever-strong competition. Once again, the ACS(I) spirit of pursuing excellence and remaining undaunted in the face of challenges and fierce competition is proven.  

This year was especially challenging. To the shock of many, the NSG, along with many other competitions, were brought forward in the Athletics Association schedule. Our coaches rushed to create new training programmes that would enable the team to be at its competitive best despite the shortened duration for training and the tight schedule. Our teachers-in-charge worked even more busily as they managed the tighter deadlines of the still many administrative tasks of the competitions and provided support to the team, while we, the student athletes, had to cope with consecutive and back-to-back competitions. Despite the difficulties faced, our team has pulled through to produce outstanding results.

As preparations for the next season begin, we will continue to burn with passion and pursue excellence in the various disciplines of Track and Field, and look forward to reaping the rewards next season.

We would like to give our deepest appreciation to our coaches, Coach Tang Ngai Kin, Coach Hamkah, and Coach Yusman, our teachers, Mr John Ng, Ms Lai Chien Siew, Ms Chen Xue Huan and Ms Daphne Teo for having supported and guided us through it all. Indeed, as student athletes of the ACS(I) Track and Field team, we have learned so much more than just to run, throw or jump well with expert technique. Life lessons passed down from our experienced and caring coaches have been valuable. They taught us what being a true athlete is, and developed our character, as with our teachers-in-charge. Thank you, for placing holistic development of us as persons as top priority, coaches and teachers!

Phua Wei Heng Herman 4.10, 2019 B Division Captain