Floorball was introduced in 1994 and was officially recognized by PESEB and included in the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Sports and Games Calender in January 2007. Today, it is a niche sport in a number of secondary schools in Singapore.

It is no surprise that floorball is fast gaining popularity –  it is a fun  and  exciting  sport played  indoors . Played in 3 periods of 15 minutes each (with 3 minutes break in between each period), it is very  fast- paced and exhilarating for the players as well as for the audience. Requiring only a plastic stick and a ball, it is a relatively safe sport and can be  picked up by anyone.

The ACS (Independent) Floorball team is a relatively new team, having been created in 2009. If you have tried floorball before/have an interest in sports and would like to be a part of the team that makes history in ACS (Independent), we would encourage you to join us!