Football jersey


Welcome to the Anglo Chinese School (Independent) Football CCA. We have a proud tradition of competing in the A, B and C division in the National Inter School competitions annually.  At the heart of our CCA, we strive to build players of strong values. These values include, respect, responsibility, teamwork and most importantly humility. Not only do we want to mould players to their best ability but we also endeavour to help our students grow to be good persons who will contribute positively to the school as well as the wider society.

We say farewell and thank you to all Footballers who are graduating this year. They should be very proud of their service to the school. We would also like to thank our teachers for their efforts, commitment and support as well as making CCA a joyous experience. As ever, our teams’ commitment level has grown and although competition for places in the team is fierce, there is a great sense of team-spirit as we strive to achieve both glory for the school but also to enjoy ourselves and make great memories. We have grown stronger overtime and we are ready for this year. For us, the best is certainly yet to be!