2023 Year 1 Selection Trials
Date/Time: 10 & 12 January 2023/3.30pm-4.30pm
Venue: School Tennis Court (outdoor)
Please ensure that you come in proper sports attire and bring your own tennis rackets.
This trial is only for school team or experienced players.

The Tennis Team consists of three divisions – A, B and C. The Team is closely knitted, we aim to encourage and build one another up. Always pushing beyond our limits, improving skills, and achieving the best we can as we believe in maximising every ounce of potential in each member.

The Tennis Team has achieved excellent results over the years. The team trains hard to improve their skills on the tennis court and plays hard as a team. A lot of emphasis is placed on teamwork. We encourage one another to excel and to rise to the occasion whenever we are called upon to represent the school.

Much emphasis is placed on the character development of our players. Courage, Integrity and Discipline – the key to the development. Courage to dream; Integrity to uphold fairness; Discipline to train for results. Indeed, we are proud of the many achievements of our past and present players. Not just on the tennis court, but also their achievements outside the tennis court.