Cricket continues to be one of ACS (Independent)’s Pride for the past 80 years. Its history goes back to 1934 when Cricket was first introduced by Mr T.W Hinch, then the Principal of ACS. Mr Cecil Wong’s father, who represented Singapore in Cricket, was asked to be its first coach when it was started as an Extra Curricular Activity (now called CCA) in 1934. Since then, it has brought only pride and glory to ACS family.

ACS Independent

The ACS (Independent) Cricket has produced many notable sportsmen of character, who continue to excel, coach and lead as individuals.

The school welcomes Cricketers with outstanding skills and with a passion for the sport. Outstanding sportsmen are also sent for national and international competitions.

The ACS (Independent) Cricket participates in the National Cricket Championships in A, B and C Divisions annually and is honoured to be in the top three positions for the past decade.