The early history of shooting as a sport was that of shooting with rifles. The earliest recorded shooting match was in Eichstäat, Bavaria, in 1477. Shooting has always been an Olympic sport since the Olympics began in 1896. The early Olympic shooters were men, but women could also join the Games as well.1

The Singapore Shooting Association is the national authority body for shooting locally. It advises, regulates, co-ordinates and administers all matters and issues regarding the shooting sport. It is the sole national authority which is related to the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).2

The ACS (Independent) Shooting CCA has a strong tradition of producing strong shooters and have done well in national competitions over the years.

The year of 2019 had been a fruitful one for the ACS (Independent) Shooting Club, participating in various competitions such as the Nanyang Technological University Invitational Shoot in March in preparation for the 23rd National Inter-School Shooting Championships. Our shooters had put in their best against fierce opposition and had excelled in attaining well-deserved placings and awards.


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