Cross Country

The school cross country team has produced stellar results in the 2018 National School Cross Country Championship. Our A, B and C division boys and A division girls participated in this year’s nationals. The A, B and C division boys achieved a podium finish. The team takes pride in its achievements as a result of our commitment and outstanding character.

The ‘C’ division boys made an incredible improvement and came in 4th, while the ‘B’ Division and ‘A’ Division boys came in 2nd and 3rd respectively despite facing tough competition from other schools. Although we were not able to retain our titles in the A and B divisions, many of our runners clinched their personal best and almost all the crossers that participated were placed in the top 20 positions in their respective divisions and were awarded with an individual medal.

Throughout the season, we have worked together to improve on our timings. We always looked out for each other on and off the track as we are always a team and will never let down one another. We never failed to encourage each other and persevere through strenuous trainings.

The cross team would like to thank the pillars of our CCA, the teachers in charge and our Coach. Our teachers, Mdm. Linda Goon, Mr Gavin Ang and Mdm. Xu Zhi Wei have constantly guided us not only during trainings but also about our academics. We would like to thank our coach, Mr Zorndrix Das, for believing in us throughout the season. To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!

Rajesh Muthu S/O Ramanathan 6.04, ‘A’ Division Captain