1. Who can access the Parents’ Portal or ASKnLearn™ app? Father, Mother or Guardian?
The school has adopted the following access criteria in providing access to student information:
– Foreign Students : Guardian
– Singapore Students : either Father or Mother 

2. Can both parents (Father and Mother) have a separate account?
For administrative and security reasons, both Father & Mother share one common account. 

3. What is my User ID and where can I get it?
Input the first part (before the @ symbol) of your Son’s/Ward’s school email address. The email address has been given to your Son/Daughter/Ward.
Example: If your son’s/Ward’s school email address is 18allen.mathew.joseph@acsians.acsi.edu.sg, then the portal User ID will be 18allen.mathew.joseph
* It is not case sensitive 

4. What should I do if I forgot my password?
From Parents’ portal log in screen, click “Forgot Password” and then follow the screen instructions. 

5. Can I use this email addresses (lms-admin@acsindep.edu.sg) to communicate with class/subject teachers?
No – this email address is used to communicate with the Administrators of the Parents’ Portal
for any technical issues relating to the portal. 

6. What internet browsers are supported by the Parents’ Portal?
We strongly recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or above, Mozilla
Firefox and Google Chrome. 

7. What are the operating hours of the Parents’ Portal?
The Parents’ Portal is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Should there be a period of
unavailability for urgent system maintenance, it will be announced upon logging in.