Online Health Declaration Form

In accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines, parents are required to complete the health declaration form on behalf of their child. This is part of the school’s ongoing efforts to ensure our students’ health and safety. For newly admitted students, parents will need to do an online submission of the health declaration form. Your child’s health information is important in helping the school deliver safer lessons and programmes, especially those which involve physical activity and sports. Throughout the year, any change in your child’s medical fitness should be communicated to the school in writing as soon as possible.

If you have yet to complete the health declaration form for your child, please refer to the instructions below to do so.

Instructions for completing online Health Declaration Form

  1. Login to the Parents’ portal (/for-parents/parent-portal/)
  2. From portal’s home page click  Tools
  3. Click  Student Profiling (New)
  4. Under the  Health Declaration Form  tab, Fill / Edit (If you had completed the form last year) your Child/Ward’s Health details and click  Save Profile  to submit.
  5.  Close  and  Logout
  • Repeat the above Steps if you have two or more children who are students in the school.  Should you have any queries or difficulty logging on to the Parents’ Portal, please refer to the attached leaflet on accessing the Portal.