Terms & Conditions


1. Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the school against all claims, costs, proceedings or actions whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any damage to property or injury to life arising from the use of the rented facilities.

2. Hirer shall not use the rented facilities for any other purpose or the adjoining areas for any purpose without the prior written approval from school.

3. Hirer shall ensure that the no greenery, infrastructure, furniture or equipment is damaged and to make good if any damage is done. No tying of banners and buntings, etc to trees and/or shrubs is allowed.

4. The Hirer must properly manage the event, participants, set-up and dismantling to ensure that the event does not affect school activities.

5. The Hirer should ensure that all school regulations on traffic and parking are strictly observed. The school retains the right to wheel-clamp vehicles which have been parked illegally.

6. The Hirer shall ensure that there must be no dumping and that all litter are properly disposed of to the full satisfaction of the school.

7. Hirers shall take out their own Public Liability insurance for the premises at “Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)”. If they have an existing insurance, they may extend their premises to include our school.

8. Hirers’ Public Liability insurance shall contain a provision for waiver of subrogation against our school.


9. The Hirer shall not erect any structures beyond what the school has approved of and ensure that electrical cables are not exposed and do not pose a danger to the public.

10. All exit signs, means of exit and passageway are to be kept clear and unblocked at all times. The hirer shall not place any equipment, furniture or any forms of obstruction, restricting access or interfering with any fire appliances.

11. The Hirer shall comply with all the requirements of the Fire Safety and Shelter Department, National Environment Agency, Land Transport Authority, National Parks Board, Singapore Tourism Board, Building & Construction Authority, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities.

12. The Hirer shall ensure that pedestrian movement is not obstructed.

13. The Hirer shall, at its own expense ensure that the temporary structures are in good condition at all times.


14. All events must cater time for setup and/or teardown and the process must be done within the time slot booked. Hirers will be subjected to additional charges should setup and/or teardown process is carried outside of the time slot booked.

15. The school does not provide any in-house catering. Hirers may arrange for your own caterer. All catering setup has to be done within a designated area approved by the school. Hirers are to ensure that their caterers provide adequate trash holders and that all food waste are to be disposed of at an external site. Cleaning fees will be levied for any leftover food in the halls.

16. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the facilities. Consumption of food and beverages must be within designated area approved by the school.


17. ACS (Independent) reserves the right to amend the charges for facilities at any given time. However, the Fee Estimate payable by the Hirer shall be the price applicable at the time of booking.

18. ACS (Independent) reserves the right to request a deposit of 20% of the fee payable from the Hirer in order to confirm the booking. The School reserves the right to retain 50% of the deposit if the booking is cancelled 90 days or less before the hire.

19. Remaining payment must be made within 30 days from date of invoice.


20. Limited parking is available. In the event that the carpark is full, please proceed to the nearest public carpark opposite ACS (Independent).

CONTRACT (Third Party)

21. Any person who is not a party to the Agreement, whether or not any benefit is conferred or purported to be conferred on him directly or indirectly, has no right to enforce any term of the Agreement.


22. Any circumstance beyond the control of a party, which delays, interrupts or prevents the Event, shall be deemed to be an event of “Force Majeure”. Such circumstances shall include but are not limited to breach of the peace, epidemic, flood, fire, explosion, lightning, storm, sabotage, power failure not due to either party’s fault, act of God, strike, picketing, lock-out and act of government authority.

23. Should the Event not be held due to an event of Force Majeure, ACS (Independent) shall not be in default and the Hirer shall not be entitled to any refund, compensation, damages or any other recourse against the school therefore.

24. ACS (Independent) reserves the right to amend or revise any or all of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without any prior notice and the Hirer hereby agrees to abide by and comply with any such revised Terms and Conditions applicable at the relevant time.

25. Notwithstanding that the booking has been confirmed, ACS (Independent) may, in its absolute discretion, cancel the booking at any given time. Any prepaid rental would be refunded and ACS (Independent) shall have no responsibility for any claims for any loss suffered by the Hirer, their contractors, their client or any member of the group as a result of the cancellation or abandonment of event whether the cancellation or abandonment has been at the instance of the Hirer or ACS (Independent)

26. ACS (Independent) reserves the right to refuse the use of the Facilities in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions herein. No request for refund of prepaid rental will be entertained in such circumstances.

27. For rental of the auditoriums, the following will be provided:
1) Fixed ceiling projector
2) Projector screen
3) AV System
4) Use of 2 wireless + 2 podium microphone. Hirers are advised to bring in their own technicians if additional equipment is required.
5) Rostrum (Upon request and subject to availability)