School Philosophy

School Philosophy

God, Our Anchor

Our school is a Methodist Institution, founded in 1886 by Bishop William F Oldham. He envisioned a Christ-centred educational institution where students were nurtured to become young people with Godly values, life skills and disposition to serve “God and humanity”[1]. ACS (Independent) continues in the tradition set by our founder to honour God in all that we do as individuals and a school, and to be faithful to our calling to be stewards of young lives to ensure that their future will always be one where the best is yet to be.

Centrality of the Child & Learner

At the centre of all our endeavours at ACS (Independent) is our student — the child and learner. Our core purpose is to nurture our students to be catalysts for change with Godly values and robust character, equipped and willing to serve and lead the family, nation and global community. As a school and as educators, we consider it our calling and privilege to accompany our students on their most significant journey of discovering, growing and learning as they transit from being adolescents to young adults.

Role of Teachers in an ACS Education

Key to the delivery of the ACS brand of education is our teachers who are stewards of young lives. ACSian teachers are collaborative professionals who, as life-long learners themselves, continually hone their expertise in order to stay at the cutting edge of the education field. They understand and are passionately committed to the core purpose of the school and their role in achieving it. They apply themselves to their students’ moral and intellectual development and have the ability to effectively draw out the best in each learner under their stewardship. When necessary, ACSian teachers will not flinch from disciplining a child firmly with fairness and in love or guiding and affirming him or her when the child experiences doubts and uncertainty. In so doing, they will fulfil their roles as mentors, models and significant adults in their students’ life.

Partnership with Parents & Other Stakeholders

Our work of educating a child cannot be accomplished alone. We build on the foundations laid by parents and the home. As such, the partnership and support of parents is vital in creating the appropriate environment for each child to learn, grow and excel. We also cherish the collaboration of the Methodist Church, the ACS Boards of Governors and Management, the ACS network of alumni, the MOE and all benefactors to fully realise the core purpose of the school.

School as Family & Community

At its heart, the school is a family and a community. It is a safe and caring haven for our students to learn and grow, to be stretched and challenged, where diversity is appreciated, respected and celebrated. It is also where each faithfully uses whatever gifts he or she has received to serve others in the school, family and community. Critically, school is where both staff and students can experience the reality of God’s love and forgiveness, support and strength through our interactions with one another.

Responsibility of School

Our responsibility as a school family and community is to provide each student with a conducive environment, ample opportunities and the influence, guidance and mentorship of significant adults for a holistic education. Such an education will build an individual with a strong moral compass, empathy and respect for others, courage and tenacity to act, and perseverance and humility to serve God and humanity.

Curriculum Design & Delivery

Our curriculum focuses on holistic development and aims to arouse curiosity and encourage exploration and experimentation in our students so as to cultivate a joy and love of learning in them that can be sustained throughout their lives. Our curriculum nurtures principled thinkers who approach complex problems critically and creatively, making sound and ethical decisions. It develops independent, caring and open-minded life-long learners equipped and ready for current and future challenges. Our academic and co-curricular programmes are balanced and varied, purposefully designed and creatively delivered to engage our learners in active and reflective learning, while catering to their different needs.

Values In Education

We believe that values are inculcated primarily through positive modelling, reflection of learning and interactions in authentic settings. As such, the school places a strong emphasis on participation in co-curricular activities where students learn about themselves and their relationship with others, and observe and experience the school values, SHIELD (Steadfastness, Humility, Integrity, Empathy, Loyalty & Diligence), in action.

The ACS Spirit

As members of the school family and community, we are responsible to keep aglow the ACS spirit, which stands for Academic and CCA excellence, a Character of integrity and a heart of Service. With the ACS spirit strong, and with God’s grace and faithfulness, we are confident of always moving forward for the Glory of God, ensuring that the best is yet to be.


1. Testimonial Dinner Address of Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham at the Broad Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio. December 17, 1929.