Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Our school has various financial assistance programmes in place. Should you require assistance with school fees, please approach our Deputy Principal, Mr Patrick Soo ( or School Secretary, Ms Eunice Seah (Tel: 6870 0314).


Singapore Citizens in independent schools may apply for assistance under the MOE ISB scheme. ISB recipients who meet the criteria will qualify for the UPLIFT scholarship which consists of a cash award of $800 per annum to help offset the out-of-pocket expenses for students from lower-income households.

Application for MOE ISB

Application forms are available from the Front Office and Parents’ Portal. Please ensure that the ISB application is accompanied by all relevant documents required by MOE.

Omission may result in a delay in the processing of the application and in turn, a delay in the awarding of the ISB.  Students should pay the full amount of school fees until their application for the ISB has been processed and have received written advice from the School.

Applications may be made throughout the year as exigencies of each family’s financial situation demand.  However, each MOE ISB award is effective from the month the application is approved and may not  be back-dated. Approved ISBs are valid till December of the year. Fresh applications will have to be submitted for each subsequent academic year.

Income Limits & Benefits

The student needs only satisfy either the Gross Household Income (GHI) or the Per Capita Income (PCI) criterion. PCI is computed based on the GHI divided by the number of members in the household.

Once approved, the ISB will provide the benefits shown in the table below:

Income Limits

(Meet one of the following criteria)


Benefits with effect from 1 January 2023

Monthly Gross

Household Income (GHI)

Per Capita Income (PCI)




Not exceeding $3,000





Not exceeding $750

● 100% subsidy of school and miscellaneous fees

● Free textbooks and school attire at Secondary level; Annual bursary of $1,200 at Pre-University level

● Full subsidy of exam fees [i]

● Transport subsidy: $17 per month from the month of approval, up to $204 per annum* (for students taking public transport)

● School meal subsidies of $3.50 per meal for 10

meals per school week for secondary level


$3,001 – $4,400


$751 – $1,100

Subsidy such that student pays the same fee as student studying in government and government-aided schools (GGAS)
$4,401 – $7,500 $1,101 – $1,875 Subsidy such that student pays 1.5 x GGAS fee
$7,501 – $10,000 $1,876 – $2,500 33% subsidy of school and miscellaneous fees

[i] Applicable for students enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme only. Exam fees for GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels have been waived for all Singapore citizens in Government-funded schools from 2015.

* The public transport subsidy will be based on the number of remaining months in the calendar year in which your application is approved.

~ GGAS fee comprises school fee, standard miscellaneous fee and maximum 2nd tier miscellaneous fee payable by Singapore Citizen students in a GGAS.

Should there be a requirement for any further subsidy for any other school activity/programme, parents should write directly to our Deputy Principal, Mr Patrick Soo ( and complete the relevant application forms. Full disclosure is necessary for applications to be processed.

UPLIFT Scholarship

The UPLIFT scholarship for Independent Schools provides a monetary award of $1,000 per year for Singapore citizens who

  • are admitted through the Direct School Admission and/or qualify for the Edusave Scholarship, and
  • qualify for 100% fee subsidy under the ISB.

The UPLIFT scholarship is automatically awarded to eligible students and no separate application is needed. For more information please refer to

Apart from the MOE ISB, our school has following scholarships, bursaries and assistance scheme in place: 

a) School-based scholarships:

  • Khoo Yang Tin Scholarships
  • Leong Family Scholarships
  • Wong Hin Sun Scholarships

b) School-based bursaries:

  • The ACS Class of 78 Bursary, The Earnest Lau Bursary, and The Hee Chit Lim and Chu Yung Yung Bursary
  • Chou Family Bursary
  • Ho Poh Huat Bursary

c) The ACS (Independent) Pocket Money Fund