Signature Programmes

Programme 1: Future Thinking Challenge

The Future Thinking Challenge is part of the Dr. Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Series of the Humanities Department at ACS (Independent). It is an annual effort to showcase top humanities students engaging in critical thinking over issues influencing Singapore’s future.

The event is held in collaboration with the National Security Coordination Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and invited Ministries. In 2021, the school is privileged to also partner the Ministry of Trade & Industry and the Centre for Strategic Futures.

The theme for the competition this year is ‘The Future of National Security Challenges for Singapore in a post-COVID-19 world’.

This collaboration has allowed for participating students to employ scenario-planning skills to systematically assess possible policies for the future.

Participating schools are required to undergo a workshop where participants will learn from civil service practitioners scenario planning tools on a specific topic and before submitting a report. Three shortlisted teams will present their research before a live audience before a panel of esteemed judges.


Programme 2: Ministerial Dialogue entitled “In Conversation With …”

“In Conversation With …” is also a part of the Dr Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Series of the Humanities Department at ACS (Independent). This is an annual Ministerial Dialogue with the graduating students of the IBDP. It hopes to help students better understand Singapore’s unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities as well as foster a stronger sense of Singaporean identity among us.
The event is planned and run by the Humanities Scholars and even the Dialogue itself is moderated by a student from the HSP Class.