Outdoor Adventure Experiential Programme (OAEP)

The OAEP is a Year 4 signature programme that takes learning out of the confines of the classroom and is integral to the school’s holistic approach to education. It will provide our students:

  1. a platform to accept challenges that stretch them beyond their perceived limits;
  2. opportunities to increase self-awareness and character development;
  3. opportunities to build esprit de corps;
  4. activities that encourage leadership development and enhance intrinsic motivation;
  5. experiential learning and appreciation of nature;
  6. ‘Values in Action’ (VIA) opportunities.

The adventure activities include Trekking, Orienteering, Team Building Activities, High Elements Course and Kayaking.  In addition, they are engaged in a VIA programme and in Character Development through daily class and individual reflections. The entire programme culminates in a Gala Night that brings together all the elements of the OAEP