Events & Activities

The COG organises and supports events and activities to build awareness of opportunities available. These include

COG Events & Activities Remarks
Consultation Sessions (individual / group)
  • All year round
  • By appointment via Teams / email
  • Visits by universities
  • Skills workshops (eg. essay writing, interviewing)
  • Sharing sessions by alumni
  • Learning journeys
  • All year round
Year 5 & 6 briefing on university and scholarship applications
  • Year 5: October (post-exam)
  • Year 6: February/March (Term 1) and July (Term 3)
  • May
IB Evening
  • February (Orientation)
  • Parents & students are welcome to visit us at the COG Booth for enquiries regarding subject combinations, university admission requirements and other matters related.
Higher Education & Careers Fair
  • April
OBA ONE ACS Career Forum