ACS Drama Club

ACS Drama Club (ACSDC)

The Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Drama Club (ACSDC) allows Secondary 1-4 students who have an interest in theatre and drama to practise and showcase their talents to the school. Members are not only trained to explore acting as a form of art, but also provided with an all-rounded learning experience and appreciation for the theatre. Besides acting, club members perform a diverse range of tasks; from working on sets for performances to creation and design of costumes, as well as lighting and sound design. This has allowed students to specialise and hone in specific aspects of theatre, while having an all-rounded theatre experience.

ACSDC participates in the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Drama (SYF) every alternate year and has consistently done well. In 2019, ACSDC attained a Distinction Award for their performance of The Carnival. During the SYF year, the club also performs their SYF piece during the school’s SYF Showcase to enable the school to enjoy their production.

In addition to the SYF competitions, ACSDC also performs during the school’s biennial Festival of Arts. In 2018, ACSDC collaborated with the Secondary Choir to perform a musical entitled The Prince of Egypt. This year, the two Performing Arts CCAs will be forging a partnership once again, this time to perform a musical entitled Newsies. The Drama Club also gives its members a chance to hone their scriptwriting and directing skills through Assortments, an informal free performance put up annually, which is enjoyed by family and friends of club members since its inception in 2010.

ACSDC has always been and will continue to be a source of entertainment for the ACS (Independent) student body, adding colour and flavour to the school life of each individual through the artistic talent of all its club members.