Cultural Performing Arts

Cultural Performing Arts Club (CPAC) aims to provide excellently crafted and meticulously fine-tuned performances that exhibit values in Chinese, Malay and Indian arts and cultures. Students can learn Chinese Festive Drum (节令鼓), Malay Kompang and Indian percussions (Mridangam, Dhol) with experienced coaches. They have opportunities to perform Festive Drum or the Multi-cultural drums where we combine the three cultures’ drums to create an unique and harmonious performance.

Our members perform on all major school functions such as Founder’s Day, Open House, National Day and Honours Day celebrations as an uplifting prologue. We are regularly invited by communities to perform during their National Day or other celebrations.

CPAC is a also platform for members to share their cultures and values with their friends. Through exchanges and activities, our members acquire more insights in different cultures and grow into a caring person and a global citizen. Moreover, activities in CPAC also serve to reinforce integrity, persistence, self-discipline, team spirit and leadership. CPAC is a true big family to all its members and teachers.

All in all, CPAC is definitely a place for personal enrichment, character development, and tons of fun! Join us and we will take you through an unforgettable journey.