Track & Field

Notice of Event

105th Annual Track & Field Championships 2019


DATE             :          Friday, 15 March 2018

VENUE         :           ACS(Independent)

TIME             :          1300h


Rules & Regulations

  1. The competitors must complete in their respective age-groups:

Gp 1:   Under 13 on 1/1/19

Gp 2:   Under 14 on 1/1/19

Gp 3:   Under 15 on 1/1/19

Gp 4:   Under 16 on 1/1/19

OG :     Open (only for those who cannot compete in the above categories)

OB :     Open (only for those who cannot compete in the above categories)

  1. A competitor may enter up to THREE individual events and any number of relay events. Should a competitor be absent from his event, no substitution from others shall be permitted. This excludes specialized Events e.g. Pole Vault.


  1. The Individual Champion for each group will be decided by the number of GOLD medals won. In the event of a tie, the greater number of records set during the meet by the participant will decide the tie. If the tie still remains, the individual champion will be based on the IAAF scoring table to decide on the winner.


  1. Specialized Events e.g. Pole Vault, will not be taken into consideration for the Individual Champion and the House Championship. i.e. no points will be awarded. There is no need for the House Managers to register competitors for Specialized Events.


  1. Each house may enter up to THREE representatives for each event and up to a maximum of ONE team for each relay race.


  1. Entries must be made on prescribe forms by each individual house and endorsed by the respective House Managers. Participants signing up for their events will need to initial on the forms to confirm the events they have chosen to take part in.


  1. The scoring system for the championships are as follows:


1st Place – 10 pts              6th Place – 4 pts

2nd Place – 8 pts               7th Place – 3 pts

3rd Place – 7 pts                8th Place – 2 pts

4th Place – 6 pts                9th to 24th Place – 1 pt

5th Place – 5 pts


7.1 Individual Champion scores are based on the number of Golds won for 3 individual events, followed subsequently by Golds, Silver and or Bronzes.

Eg, 3 golds > 2 gold, 1 silver > 1 gold, 2 silver.

In the event of a tie of 3 golds won by 2 individuals, the deciding factor would be based on the IAAF table of scoring system

Entries close on 20th February 2019

The Heats will be held on 6/3, 7/3, 8/3, 11/3, 12/3. (12. 13 March are back up dates) March and Finals on 15 March 2019


  1. All Entries that have been accepted may not be recalled for amendments and / or changes. If a competitor is absent, there will be no replacements allowed.


  1. Any competitor who WITHDRAWS from any event without any valid reasons may be barred from participating in subsequent events, including relays.


  1. All other matters not provided for in these rules and regulations shall be submitted to the Meet Manager and the Committee for a final decision.