Annual Cross Country Championships

Rules and Regulations for Cross and Country

1.Each house is required to submit one team per Age-Group category.  The requirements for each team are as follows:

a) Group 1:        Born in year 2006 (maximum of 15 runners)
b) Group 2:        Born in year 2005 (maximum of 15 runners)
c) Group 3:        Born in year 2004 (maximum of 15 runners)
d) Group 4:        Born in year 2003 (maximum of 15 runners)
e) Open Girls:    Born in year 2002 and earlier (maximum of 10 runners)
f) Open Boys:   Born in year 2002 and earlier (maximum of 15 runners)


2. Group 1, 2 and Open Girls will run the 3.2km route while Group 3, 4 and Open Boys will run the 4.8km route.


3. The positions of top 8 runners from each house in Group 1 to Group 4 and the Open Boys categories will be counted for team placing.  For the Open Girls category, the top 5 runners will be counted.

4. If a House has less than 8 runners in any of the Boys’ categories or less than 5 runners in the Girls’ category, 1000 penalty points would be added to the Team scoring for every shortfall in the number of runners.  For example, if a House has only 6 runners for Group 1 category, a penalty of 2000 points will be added to the Team score for having 2 runners short.


5. The following will receive medals:

Individual Award

a) Top 10 positions from each category.

Team Award

b) Boys – Top 3 Teams will receive 8 medals per Team.
c) Girls – Top 3 Teams will receive 5 medals per Team.

6. The closing date for the entries is Friday, 5th July 2019Do ensure that your participants’ NRICs are keyed in.

7. All House Managers are reminded to get their representatives to sign and acknowledge on a registration form that they have signed up for their events.  The forms must be kept for reference in case of any dispute.

8. You are strongly advised to complete your Open Girls & Open Boys registration before the end of Term 2.