Student Accident Insurance

The School has arranged with AB Lim Pte Ltd (underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Bhd) to provide accident insurance for all students. The coverage takes effect from 1 January – 31 December 2018.

The Basic policy (referred to as ACSI-SP13 Plan) covers all the students of the school as per school’s register.  The premium for the basic plan is $20.00 per student and will be deducted via GIRO in July 2018.

The limit for Medical Expenses under the Basic policy is S$13,000 subject to the sub-limits as stipulated in the Schedule of Payment and is in line with MOE’s recommendation for all students in Singapore schools.

Students who wish to file a claim should keep the teacher-in-charge informed of the incident/injury prior to the submission of claim documents.

Original invoices and receipts should be attached with the form and claims need to be filed within one month of the date of the incident. Claims should be made through the school’s admin office using the Group Personal Accident Form.

Do note that the school needs to make the claim within one month of the date of the accident.

Singapore citizens who require financial assistance related to the payment of student accident insurance premium, please contact Deputy Principal, Mr Patrick Soo.