Student Accident Insurance

The safety and well-being of every child is of utmost importance to us. The school has arranged with AB Lim Pte Ltd (underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Bhd) to provide accident insurance for all students. The premium for the basic plan is $18.73 per student and will be deducted via GIRO in May 2021.

Singapore citizens who require financial assistance related to the payment of student accident insurance premium, please contact Deputy Principal, Mr Patrick Soo.

The limit for Medical Expenses under the Basic policy is S$13,000 subject to the sub-limits as stipulated in the Schedule of Payment and is in line with MOE’s recommendation for all students in Singapore schools.

Please click here for the Students’ Accident Protection Scheme

Sportsmen/Top Up Plan

Students involved in selected sports (Football, Cross-Country, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Squash and Softball) are required to take up a Sportsmen/Top Up Plan with an additional premium payment of $53.50 per student. This will increase the limit for Medical Expenses under the policy to S$25,000, subject to the sub-limits. Students from other sports or CCAs who wish to take up this plan may also do so through their CCA teachers. You are advised to familiarise yourselves with the terms of the student accident insurance.

Filing of Claims

Students who wish to file a claim should contact AB Lim Pte Ltd directly via online reporting or by downloading a copy of the claim form at (email:; telephone: 62722277). The School will confirm with AB Lim Pte Ltd that the injury was related to the school activity.

Students from other sports or CCAs who wish to take up this plan may also submit the Form and payment to AB Lim Pte Ltd. Students are advised that the Sportsmen/Top Up Plan will only come into effect from 1 February 2021. Hence, claims for injuries occurring before 1 February 2021 can only be made under the Basic Plan.