ACS (Independent)’s SBGE is embedded within the Integrated Programme and SBGE students are placed in classes with other similar academic ability students.

School and class activities, including CCA, VIA projects and out-of-classroom activities, provide opportunities for social integration and holistic character development.

The school offers various enrichment programmes designed to stretch and develop GEP students and high ability learners. These include:

  1. Accelerated Class for Science (ACS) for Year 3 & 4 students who demonstrate high aptitude and interest in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  2. Advanced Science Programme (ASP) for IBDP students who demonstrate high aptitude and interest in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. Humanities Scholarship Programme for the IBDP students who demonstrate high scholastic aptitude in the Humanities. These students are selected by MOE for the scholarship.
  4. GEP Enrichment Camp – an annual event organised at the beginning of Term 2 to provide GEP and high ability students “out of classroom” learning activities. Past enrichment camps have embarked on themes relating to the environment, our heritage and character development.
  5. IP Symposium – an annual event organised in Term 3 to provide IP students learning activities ranging from service learning to environmental conservation to having some experience at the Youth Leadership Conference and Moot Parliament.

In keeping with the school vision and values, all students work together as a class in community service projects.