Curriculum Overview

The curriculum places emphasis on broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects. The curriculum also develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, inquiry and problem-solving and is structured so that learners attain both theoretical and practical skills.

The GCE ‘O’ Level academic curriculum comprises the study of the Languages, the Humanities, the Sciences and Mathematics in the different years of the programme.

At Years 3 and 4, students take up to a maximum of 8 subjects to enable him to have a well-rounded education with participation in co-curricular activities.

  1. English Language
  2. Mother Tongue Language
  3. Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Humanities Elective)
  4. Core Humanities
  5. Elementary Mathematics
  6. Additional Mathematics
  7. Science: Physics/Chemistry/Biology
  8. Science: Physics/Chemistry/Biology

An option for a 9th subject is allowed only if the student is able to cope well in all the 9 subjects.

The Music Elective Programme (MEP) and Regional Studies Programme (RSP) are special electives also offered in the Express Programme. Both programmes take in academically able students with an aptitude for either music or 3rd Language/culture.

Students’ learning is assessed through oral and listening comprehension, laboratory work and practical assessment, class tests and examinations.