Subjects Offered

ACS (Independent) offers the following subjects. However, the subjects taught will depend upon the number of students selecting them. If the enrolment for a subject is too small, it may not viable for the school to offer the subject. Each diploma student is required to take six subjects chosen across at least Groups 1 to 5.

GROUP ONE – Studies in Language & Literature

All students will study Literature (English) or Language & Literature (English). The range of texts studied is broad; students grow to appreciate a language’s complexity, wealth and subtleties in a variety of contexts. Confidence and competence in oral and written communication skills are fostered. One of the explicit aims of these subjects is to engender a lifelong interest in literature and a love for the elegance and richness of human expression.

GROUP TWO — Language acquisition

Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, French

The two language options in this group; Language B or ab initio, accommodate second language learners with previous experience learning the language, and beginners respectively. The principal aim is to enable students to use the language in a range of contexts and for many purposes; the courses focus on written and spoken communication.

GROUP THREE — Individuals and Societies

Business Management, Economics, Geography, History

GROUP FOUR — Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

GROUP FIVE — Mathematics

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches offered at Standard and Higher Levels are available to cater for different abilities and levels of student interest. This course has a strong emphasis on the ability to construct, communicate and justify correct mathematical arguments. Students should expect to develop insight into mathematical form and structure, and should be intellectually equipped to appreciate the links between concepts in different topic areas. Students are also encouraged to develop the skills needed to continue their mathematical growth in other learning environments.

GROUP SIX — The Arts

This includes visual arts and music, with emphasis placed on practical production by the student and exploration of a range of creative work in a global context.

Options: Instead of a group 6 subject, a candidate in ACS (Independent) may select an additional subject from Groups 3 or 4.