As the world becomes ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, the tenacity of our students to find opportunities within adversity and the ability to work within tight constraints to innovate and create new value is ever more important.

Innovation is not just about inventing new products. It requires empathetic skills to understand the needs of people and the heart to use one’s cognitive and inventive capabilities to benefit the greater community through sound design and engineering principles. It is with this intent that the theme for IDEX is set as “Technology for Humanity”.

IDEX is a series of innovation related activities to promote, recognise and celebrate innovative efforts amongst students. It features three key highlights:

1. Innovation Exchange (Exhibition)
The Innovation Exchange is an exhibition featuring projects which are selected by an expert panel. Other than ACS (Independent) students, International participants from regional countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China) are also invited to showcase their innovation. During the exhibition, experts from universities, industries and investors will be invited to judge the finalists’ projects. Students will be invited to visit the booths for a more intimate exchange of ideas with the exhibitors. Outstanding submissions, judged by the experts, will be rewarded with cash prizes and more importantly opportunities to bring their inventions to next level through further collaborations with interested investors.

2. Innovation challenges
This is a series of activities where Year 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6s are assigned problems to solve using limited resources through creative thinking. Examples of such activities include creating electricity without batteries, creating light without bulbs etc.

3. Professional Exchange for Teachers
Whilst there are opportunities for students to share their inventions and be inspired by it, it is equally crucial to excite and involve the teaching staff in innovation. In view of this, a half-day session of sharing by educators, innovators and prominent industrial figures is planned. It is hoped that the exchange of ideas and insights will seed further innovation. More details will be sent to the schools on a later date.
Collectively, it is hoped that the these activities will work synergistically to spur students and educators to embark on the journey of Innovation, Design and Engineering”